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Established in 2002, Artistree Gallery has always worked towards promoting art not only in people’s homes and collections but also in their souls and senses. As an extension of that philosophy gave birth to Artista –initiative by Artistree, where Art meets practicality.

Artista’s main focus is to promote a concept we like to call ‘Smart with Art’. Combining the artists creative vision with some practical common sense approaches to home décor we create unique, one of a kind works of art designed and created for our customers. These pieces can be exclusively commissioned or can be a part of an existing limited edition series – authenticated by Artista.

Our personalized service includes visiting your home or site so that we can design individual works according to your tastes and requirements. These works of art could be varied and range from sculptures, installations, lights, furniture to a simple utensil for your kitchen with an artistic touch. To bring these pieces to life we use many different materials from the traditional like metal, clay, canvas, wood to the unconventional like blown glass, wire, mixed mediums, etc