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The art of borrowing from other styles to create a new art style.

A type of watch from Citizen that is powered by natural and artificial light, so it never needs a battery. Light enters through the crystal to a solar cell that converts it to energy.

To mould or carve in relief.

A hard, green compound of beryl that is colored by chromium and vanadium impurities. Emeralds are commonly included or flawed, and therefore frequently oiled, irradiated or dyed to enhance their color. Emeralds may also be synthetically created in a laboratory.

A type of cut in which the stone is rectangular or square with beveled corners and a step cut.

A liquid in which small droplets of one liquid are immiscible in, but thoroughly and evenly dispersed throughout a second liquid. E.g. Acrylic Emulsion

Encaustic painting
A method of paintings murals, practiced in ancient time, using a medium composed principally of wax dissolved by heat.

A technique of cutting an image into a metal or wood plate using special tools. The term is also used for a print produced in the way.

Estate jewelry
A term that refers to jewelry which has been previously owned, not necessarily from an estate.

A technique of making an engraving in a metal plate using acid to bite out the image, rather than tools. The term is also used for a print produced in this way.

Expansion Bracelet
This flexible watchband is used in place of a clasp. It is manually expanded over the wrist and retracts once it is released for a comfortable fit around the wrist.