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A thin, usually broadly applied, layer of transparent or heavily diluted paint or ink.

A technique of painting using a binder made from a water-soluble gum. Watercolours can be transparent or opaque.

Wax Resist
The use of a waxy medium to make a design over which a coloured wash is spread.

Wet on Wet
The application of fresh paint over an area on which the paint is still wet.

Wheat Chain
A durable chain made up of interweaving bands of metal, resembling a grain of wheat.

White Gold
White gold is created by combining pure gold with a copper, zinc and nickel (or palladium) alloy.

White Spirits
A thinner used with oil paints replacing turpentine.

The art of engraving on wood or of producing, by means of special cutting tools, a design or picture in relief on the surface of a block of wood from which impressions can be taken by means of ink or pigment.